Our Micro herb and sprouting selection offers a broad range of options, including an extensive range of herbs, sprouting broccoli and cabbage, kale, coloured radishes, mizuna and rocket.

Micro Herbs are used as a gourmet garnish for meals and salads, or as a side salad when a micro herb mix is made. These small leaves add flavour and colour to any dish, whilst also adding nutritional value. Fairbanks has a very broad range of Micro-herbs with over 60 different varieties available.

Micro herbs can also be referred to as Micro greens, these terms are interchangeable. Micro herbs are young seedlings that are harvested whilst the plants are young and immature. From planting these seeds, they are harvested within a few weeks.  Micro-herbs are commonly produced in indoor settings, and often hydroponics.

A new trend with some high-end restaurants is to mix some of these micro herbs in with very young baby leaf lettuce. The result is a micro salad with beautiful little leaves that can be flavoured with a variety of herbs to match any dish.