Rocket Seeds

Our market leading range of Rocket includes both Arugula (speedy type) and Wild Rocket varieties. We offer a range of varieties to cater for all needs including mildew tolerance, higher vigour, slower bolting and improved colour.

Traditional ‘wild rocket’ comes from the species Diplotaxis tenuifolia, it is a brassica with a finely serrated leaf and peppery nutty flavour. This species has a medium speed of growth and prefers a mild climate.

Rocket – Arugula

Rocket – Wild

Another form of rocket is ‘arugula’ or ‘cultivated’ rocket. This comes from the species Eruca sativa and often has a less serrated leaf with a more mild peppery nutty flavour. This species is much faster to grow, hence the reference to speedy type, and is often used to substitute wild rocket in the cooler months when wild rocket is more difficult to produce.

We work closely with our breeding partners to develop varieties that suit the demands of Australian consumers. Our range provides year round options for all seasons and Australian climates. The extensive rocket program we have developed over the past two decades provides attributes for all market specifications, and we continue to adapt with new varieties as the market evolves.