Lettuce Seeds

Our Lettuce range includes the extensive collection of varieties from Syngenta Vegetable Seeds. Our portfolio includes direct sown baby leaf varieties, as well as multi-leaf lettuce, oak leaf, Cos and iceberg for transplanting.

The Syngenta lettuce breeding program is primarily based in Spain, with a variety of climates for variety testing, many highly adaptable varieties come out of this breeding program.

Lettuce – Baby Leaf

Lettuce – Oak and Multi-leaf

Lettuce – Cos

Lettuce – Iceberg

Transplanted lettuce varieties are typically those that are used for ‘head lettuce’ production where either the whole plant (like iceberg) or many leaves from one cut (like multileaf salad mix) are required. These varieties are sold as pills or pellets where the lettuce seed is encased in a tiny clay ball to ensure accurate sowing at the nursery.

Direct sown lettuce varieties are those that are targeted for high density sowing to produce baby leaf salad mix. These varieties are sown at a rate of 1000 to 1500 seeds per square metre. Growth time ranges between 4 to 10 weeks depending on the season, leaves are usually harvested when they are 8-10cm long.

Our range of lettuce varieties provides for year round production, with options in both colour and leaf types. Many of the Fairbanks Seeds and Syngenta lettuce varieties have high levels of disease resistance to known pests including Downy mildew and Nasonovia ribisnigri lettuce aphid.