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Fairbanks Shows support to NSW vegetable growers

Earlier in June, for the first time ever, Fairbanks Seeds held field days at the Greater Sydney Local Land Services Demonstration Farm in Richmond NSW to showcase relevant varieties for the region.

Myralyn Aguda and the rest of the team at Fairbanks are proud and grateful for the opportunity to show the growers of NSW a range of new varieties in their local environment. On display was the range of new TopRes™ club root resistant cauliflower varieties, Asian and bunching vegetables, and herbs.

The field days were very well attended by more than 125 people largely due to the support of our loyal customers in the region, including Ace Ohlsson, Golden Harvest and Leppington Speedy Seedlings. Of course, the team at Greater Sydney Local Land Services were instrumental in making the event happen. Specifically; Mario Muscat – responsible for growing and making sure that the plots looked fantastic; Matt Plunkett and Renee Pearson – for promoting the event; and Peter Conasch – for offering Fairbanks to hold a field day in the first place.

Ace Ohlsson and their agronomists, led by Darryl Cislowski, came in full support with their customers from Bathurst, Greater Sydney and the Hunter Valley Regions.

Golden Harvest headed by Stephen Ng led a large contingent of Chinese growers through the field. We appreciate the support especially with his translation services!

Leppington Speedy Seedlings assisted greatly with sowing and growing the transplants, as well as with the promotion of the event. Thanks to John and the team for their support.

Highlights from the display included Jupiter turnip, Grandstand bunching onion, both Arnie and Inspire bulbing beetroot, our entire range of daikon radish and Bruce kailaan to name a few. Also of note was the new TopRes™ club root resistant cabbage Kilaplon, as well as our new cauliflower varieties Clarify TopRes™ and Aerospace.

Many thanks are owed to all those that attended for supporting the field days and making it a remarkable success. The team at Fairbanks were thrilled with the interest in their assortment of varieties and look forward to fulfilling all the growers’ commercial requirements and sample requests stemming from the field days.


The Fairbanks Seeds display was lit up to display their range of new potato varieties. Many in the industry were unaware that Fairbanks had a potato program.

On display was the complete range of new fresh market varieties, as well as the already very promising crisping variety Verdi – highly praised for its cold storage ability.

Also on display was their new high yielding brown onion Resolute F1. The large bulbs with glossy brown skins grabbed much attention.

Fairbanks NZ open for business!

Earlier this year we were thrilled to commence servicing customers in New Zealand though our new business Fairbanks Seeds NZ LTD. Fairbanks Seeds NZ is now the exclusive distributor of Syngenta leafy and brassica, field cucurbits and field solanaceae portfolios within New Zealand. In addition, NZ growers will now gain access to a range of Fairbanks varieties sourced from leading vegetable breeding companies around the world.

The start-up of Fairbanks Seeds in New Zealand has generated a very positive response from growers around the country and as such, early demand has been much higher than anticipated. We encourage customers where possible to supply forecasts in advance and thank you for your understanding whilst the company and products are in the early growth phase.

A win at the 2017 East Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days

We are very proud to have been awarded the Best Field Plot at the East Gippsland Vegetable Innovation Days in Victoria in May 2017. Paul Smith, Fairbanks – Gippsland, did an outstanding job in preparing and maintaining the plot.
We showcased an exciting new range of 15 different varieties of wild rocket, alongside the market leading varieties was an array of very dark green types, fine leaf types and even hybrid varieties. Our wild rocket program is looking better than it ever has, if you would like to see some of these new varieties on your farm, please ask us for a trial.
Continuing the innovation theme, we displayed our new all-red mizuna/mustard baby leaf variety “Miztique F1“, showing its brilliant colour. It’s the first baby leaf mustard variety to show intense colour on both sides of the leaf, giving a double colour advantage to salad mixes.
Changing the way we look at mizuna is a new red stem variety called Akana, priced competitively to allow higher usage, Akana will bring vibrancy to an ingredient traditionally used as a filler.
The hybrid chards Galactica F1 & Excel F1 showed their worth by producing a very high yield of quality chard leaves. Galactica F1 showed its strong winter vigour and is selling strongly now, we expect limited seed quantities of Excel later in the year; it is one of the darkest green and highest yielding chard varieties on the market.
Standing out in their brassica plot was the Gohan cauliflower from the Syngenta breeding program, it was right at the end of its time slot (summer/early autumn harvest) but still finished well with a high-quality curd.
Performing very well in the cooler conditions was the butterhead lettuce variety Ruffian from the Syngenta breeding portfolio, it was very uniform and clear that it would yield very well.

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